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CellMatrix 60 tablets

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CellMatrix’s composition, rich in antioxidants, makes it the ideal product to help prevent the premature ageing of the skin caused by various environmental factors such as UV rays and pollution. 

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We are all, to a greater or lesser degree, exposed to pollutants present in the environment that come from CO2 emissions from vehicles, factories and so on. These pollutants are responsible for the increase of free radicals that can exceed our body's defense ability, and can end up damaging cellular tissue and our organs. On the other hand, UV radiation from the sun's rays is another factor that causes tissue damage (burns, DNA damage). One of the organs that can easily be affected is our skin, because the signs of premature ageing are evident: from wrinkles, spots (hyperpigmentation), sagging (thinning of the skin), to more severe alterations.

With this in mind, CellMatrix® has been created as a good supplement to protect our skin, as its potent antioxidant content (from a variety of fruits) slows down free radicals attacks, helping our body to avoid their harmful effects . Also included are other ingredients that, due to their antioxidant effect, enhance their effectiveness: vitamin E, beta-carotene, spirulina (rich in chlorophyll) and minerals such as selenium and zinc. Also present in this product are other minerals such as calcium and magnesium, essential for the formation of connective tissue and regeneration of the cutaneous barrier, as well as vitamin C, since in addition to its antioxidant effect, it is important for the synthesis of collagen.


Skin protection.


2 tablets daily, with meals.

Do not exceed the daily recommended dose.

SUPPLEMENT FACTS (amount per 2 tablets):

Spirulina: 400 mg, Calcium: 241 mg, Vitamin C: 160 mg, Grape Seed Extract: 120 mg, Green Tea Extract: 80 mg, Goji Berry Extract: 60 mg, Magnesium: 53 mg, Alpha-lipoic Acid: 40 mg, Purple Corn Extract: 30 mg, Vitamin E: 30 mg, Zinc: 20 mg, Beta-carotene: 133 μg RE**, Chromium: 180 μg, Copper: 150 μg, Selenium: 105 μg, Vitamin D: 30 μg.

RE **: retinol equivalent. 


Free from: yeast, gluten and lactose.

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Distributed in Spain by: Salengei, S.L.

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CellMatrix 60 tablets

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