Hormonal balance

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Hormones regulate many of our body's internal processes; without them nothing works properly. Reproduction, food metabolism, proper maintenance of the immune system, physical and emotional responses, are controlled by hormones. Ageing is accompanied by a decrease in the secretion of sex hormones. Oestrogens in women (menopause), testosterone in men (andropause) and a decrease in the activity of growth hormones. In addition, the secretion of cortisol may be unduly high due to stress. To achieve hormonal balance we must take into account all these factors and get support from: hormonal precursors, natural hormones, substances that help desensitize tissues, others that improve bioavailability and/or transport, and from other susbstances that can improve their metabolism, detoxification and excretion. We must not forget about nutrition and the environment, all of which play a fundamental role in achieving hormonal balance.

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