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This may come as a surprise, but hair loss in autumn is really necessary. Just as leaves fall from trees or animal lose their summer fur, our hair also falls with the arrival of autumn. But this is not hair lost for good, as it grows again after a few months. It is a normal process of renewal that follows the life cycle of hair. But although it is annoying, above all we should not be alarmed. Hair experts say that for every 100 hairs we have, there is a constant replacement phase of 12-15%. Somthing else to bear in mind is that when a hair dies, it takes about three months to fall out. That is, the hair dies in spring and falls in autumn. Certain habits, such as not washing hair often or not brushing it, are not recommended at all. Those hairs that stay tangled to the brush or block the shower drain are hairs that are about to fall out and will definitely do so no matter what. To nourish the hair and prevent a drastic loss, nutricosmetics can help with the most important nutrients: Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a sulfur compound that contributes to the formation of keratin (the main component of hair fibres and responsible for strengthening and providing shine) and collagen. So not only is it useful for hair health, but it is also good for skin, nails and joints. Collagen and vitamin C are very closely related. Vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen, and collagen is the cornerstone of a strand of hair. Its mission is to strengthen and increase the diameter of the hair, yielding a more voluminous mane. Bamboo extract is a natural form of silica that is responsible for improving the absorption of minerals, delaying hair ageing. In addition to these ingredients, B-complex vitamins, zinc, iron or silica, and the use of shampoos without silicone or parabens, are recommended for hair care.

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