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Fatigue can be physical or mental. A diet with little variety, not eating the recommended five-a-day servings of fruit or vegetables, eating very little or skipping meals, slimming diets, vegetarianism or the arrival of spring, can trigger physical fatigue due to the lack of some vitamins or minerals. Mental fatigue is defined as the temporary decrease of an efficient mental function. Lack of concentration, greater efforts with worse results, difficulty assimilating information, etc. When this sensation becomes permanent, it is likely that the person also suffers from insomnia, sleepiness, dizziness, headaches or irritability. Healthy lifestyle habits along with the appropriate supplement can markedly improve symptoms. Multivitamins, a B-vitamin complex, phosphatidylserine, ginseng, coenzyme Q10, vitamin C, spirulina, barley sprouts, are some of the products you can find in this section.

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