Oxidative Stress

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Respiration in the presence of oxygen is essential in our body's cellular life, but as a consequence, unwanted molecules are produced that cause negative effects on health during our lifetime. These molecules are free radicals, and their impact on our body is known as oxidation. Oxidation can alter internal mechanisms in genes, proteins and lipids, causing problems in our body and accelerating ageing. So that health and physical performance are not affected, there must be a close balance between the mechanisms that generate free radicals and those that neutralize them. Vitamin C and E, beta carotene and vitamin A, minerals such as selenium and zinc, coenzyme Q10, lipoic acid and plant flavonols are antioxidant due to their ability to protect or neutralize the effects of free radicals. These are vitamins and minerals that protect cells from oxidative damage while delaying cellular ageing. An antioxidant will also help us avoid the premature ageing of skin. We must bear in mind that our skin is the only organ directly exposed to ultraviolet rays (UV), which is why antioxidants and active anti-inflammatory agents applied locally and internally offer the best defense against radicals. As we must treat and care for the five layers of the skin, it is not enough to apply only cream with a high solar protection factor, but we must also protect ourselves from the inside with food and with the timely intake of dietary supplements.