Skin care

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Skin contains many collagen fibres tightly bound to each other, which gives it a smooth appearance characteristic of youth. During the natural process of ageing, these structural fibres can be damaged by external factors such as sunlight and environmental pollution. If it is not replaced on time, the skin begins to age in a visible way. We work with unique components that make up the perfect nutrition to, once more, supply elasticity to enjoy healthy, smooth and hydrated skin. For intensive skin care we need high concentrations of type 1 collagen peptides and marine origin peptides. The collagen in our skin is identical to the collagen in our bones. If there is a shortage of collagen in the skin, it is very likely that it is happening in our bones too. If the levels of collagen in our bones are correct, the skin will experience a lifting effect.

There are substances in the skin that hold water, they are called proteoglycans. These give skin its volume, but for this to happen, regeneration of hyaluronic acid is important. The epidermis contains a type of fat called ceramide that reduces over the years, so the skin gets drier. To keep connective tissue healthy, the skin needs methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), which adds smoothness to the skin, preventing it from sagging. In this section you will find all the best quality ingredients to rejuvenate the skin and avoid the signs of ageing.