DAOfood 30 tablets

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DAOfood is a dietary supplement for special medical purposes, used for managing DAO deficiency when the predominant symptoms are digestive disorders such as constipation, diarrhea, swelling, heartburn, etc. It contains Diamine Oxidase (DAO). 

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New presentation

DAOfood comes in 30 gastro-resistant tablets (instead of capsules). In tablet format, the talc has been eliminated, thus reducing possible allergic reactions.

DAOfood® acts as a dietary supplement in the treatment of food intolerance caused by histamine intolerance or "food histaminosis".

What is food histaminosis?

Food histaminosis occurs when the balance between the DAO enzyme and histamine breaks. The absence of necessary DAO causes insuficient histamine breakdown, causing the appearance of symptoms.

How does DAOfood® work?

DAOfood® is an enzymatic supplement for the treatment of DAO deficiency. It has been specially developed for people with reduced DAO activity, in order to break down food-induced histamine. The amount of DAO contained in this product complements the natural enzyme in our body necessary for the breakdown of histamine.

Taking DAOfoof® before meals increases the amount of the enzyme in the small intestine and strengthens histamine degradability.

Suggested use

In this new formula, the DAO enzyme contained in each tablet is much more active than in the previous one, so the recommended use is now 1 tablet with liquid, 20 minutes before meals and without chewing or breaking.

DAOfood 30 tablets

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